Encounter with Myu

Myu was an abandoned cat.

One of my best friends rescued him in September, 2009. She asked me if I could keep him but I couldn’t say “yes” right away. Because it was soon after Q-taro has passed away. I couldn’t make a decision because I was not sure if I would be brave enough to stand by him on Myu’s last day of his life. After promising my friend to find a new home for Myu, I took him home with me that day as a foster mom.

Next day, I took Myu to a vet clinic for checkup. The vet told me “He is around 40- day old healthy kitten!”

I was stunned because I lost my beloved cat, Q-taro just 40 days ago, about the same time when Myu was born. 


I thought we were meant to be together! I felt like I finally figured everything out. I thought Q-taro with wings sent me Myu as a gift from heaven.

At the moment, I decided to welcome Myu as a new member of family.

I have cried every day since Q-taro passed away but I stopped crying since I met Myu. Myu is a cheerful and pretty naughty boy, so I have no time to cry anymore. I have been so happy since we’ve met.

Myu photo
Q-taro and Myu. one of my fav photos.


Myu photo
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Myu photo
We are so proud to be part of this one!

Myu photo
Sending BIG HUG from Myu!

Thank you fur reading our story to the end!!