Hello and Welcome to Nyagomidokoro

Hi, everypawdy! I’m Hiromi. Nyagomidokoro is an online shop offering cute and unique handmade cat toys from Japan. All designs are inspired by my lovely cats, Q-taro and Myu. I handcraft various cat goods using the original fabric that designed Qtarou and Myu and also cat motif. I ask the illustrations to the designer,”JYAJYA” who is also a cat-lover. She always draw Qtarou and Myu cutely.

Our Goals

For Cats, I want to make safe and playful toys.

For Cat Lovers, I hope to make cat goods which can make cat lovers smile!

Whenever I see adorable photos or videos of customers’ cats, playing with my cat toys, I feel extremely happy and more motivated to create safer, cute and durable cat products.

meet Our MEMBERS


The owner of Nyagomidokoro, Maker, Creator and Extreme Cat Lover.

Shop Cat

Q-taro was a gentle cat, he liked hug and used to fawn on me with a loud purr. He is in the sky now. Q-taro is an everlasting shop cat of Nyagomidokoro.

Shop Cat

Myu was an abandoned cat and was rescued in September, 2009. He was born around the same time when Q-taro passed away. Myu is a cheerful, naughty, and Purrfect Shop Cat!