What is Silvervine?

Do you know what silvervine is? Silvervine, a natural alternative to catnip, can make your cat “drunk.” Silvervine is called “MATATABI” in Japanese. Cats LOVE playing with Matatabi (silvervine)!  Our cat toys use handpicked organic Silvervine, naturally grown in mountain in Ehime, Japan.

Catnip is an aromatic perennial herb, often used for cat toys throughout the northeastern US and Canada.

Slivervine is a nontoxic plant in the Actinidiaceae family, native plants in Asia. The official name is “Actinidia polygama”.

We usually have cat toys with silvervine instead of catnip because cats react to silvervine much better.

Usually, all pieces of brunch, leaves and seeds are used for cat toys but we only use carefully selected silvervine seeds, known to be most effective, for our cat toys.

Would you like to try my Japanese Silvervine Cat Kicker Toys!?

Cat’s Reaction to Matatabi (Silvervine)

Just like catnip, with Matatabi (Silvervine) Cat Toys, your cat will …

  • show off his super adorable high speed bunny kicks,
  • won’t be able to stop rubbing against it on his/her back,
  • get drunk on Matatabi (silvervine).

Your cat might show strong responses to the silvervine such as bunny kicking and chewing excessively in the first few minutes; however, he/she will calm down within 10 minutes or so.

Response to Matatabi (silvervine) are varied!

  • Bunny Kicking type
  • Drunkn type
  • Drooling type
  • Licking type
  • Hugger type
  • Bitter type

What type is YOUR cat?


  • This toy for adult cat only.
  • If your cat has an ALLERGIC reaction to silvervine, stop using immediately.
  • Let your cat play with this toy under your supervision to prevent any accident.

Enjoy our Japanese Cat Toys with Silvervine!

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