Produced The Lucky Cat Museum’s Cat Toy

Nyagomidokoro partnered with cat gift shop in US, The Lucky Cat Museum and we designed and produced fabric of their original cat toy.

It was our pleasure to be partnered with The Lucky Cat Museum for their original cat toy.
Thank you for posting them on Instagram and Facebook!

Micha, the owner of The Lucky Cat Museum, liked it they purchase before.
She loved our cat kicker, and contacted us that they want to make their original cat toy with strong fabric and silvervine which nyagomidokoro uses.

She fell in love with jaja, our cat kicker designer’s manekineko.
Both Micha and I was so excited to see the final version of manekineko.

The small size Manekineko Coin Toys are so CUTE!
We are thrilled to imagine American cats playing with our cat toys.

Check available The Lucky Cat Museum’s manekineko cat toys here!

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