Nyagomidokoro 15th anniversary

November 9, 2020 is Nyagomidokoro’s 15th Birthday.

We would like to thank all our customers from Japan and other countries, our business associates, and our fellow handmakers for supporting us through these 15 years.

Nyagomidokoro started out with our first Shop Cat, Q-Taro on Nov 9, 2005. Our second Shop Cat, Miu took over Q-Taro’s place in 2009 and he has been the face of our shop until this day in 2020.

Looking back at these 15 years, we have been blessed with our customers sharing the stories about their cats with us. Some of them have been heartwarming and encouraging, while others have been sad. It has been very eventful and the years passed quickly.

We believe that every moment that our customers and their cats share is very special, It is a privilege to think that our cat products can be by your side in these moments.

We will continue to provide cat items that bring joy to you and your cats.

Thank you!
Hiromi, Qtarou and Myu from Nyagomidokoro

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